Monday, November 14, 2011

New Ventures

Short post today. First off, I want to mention that my lack of blogging is not indicative of a lack of artistic productive. Quite the contrary, in fact.

In terms of the visual arts (my go to!), I recently finished two canvases which have been submitted for the Anonymous Art Show in North Vancouver. I assume I'll hear very soon if those pieces have made it into the show, which begins on November 24th (and I'll post the details here for that too). I submitted another piece recently for jurying at another local North Vancouver art gallery, but it unfortunately, did not make the cut. And I have started another painting now that I was commissioned by a friend and former student to do - so far, so good! Enjoying the process!

Last week was my big performance in my Exploring the Arts for Social Change course. Like I mentioned last post, it was my chance to start playing guitar again. But what I hadn't anticipated was how the performance allowed me to find my performing singer's voice. I love singing and know I have talent, but my singing has always been very private. Anytime I've performed guitar, it's been without voice; anytime I've performed voice, I've been part of a choir. So this was a first on many levels. Our class' response to the performance was overwhelmingly positive and I'm still reeling. We were asked to play it three times!!! Not only did they enjoy it artistically, but the message we worked so hard to write was received so well and we were able to gently challenge them into considering and noticing the injustices and inequities we witness every day in our societies, and act as if we're alright with them being there.

So in the coming months, I have a painting to finish, and a life as a musician to fully get reacquainted with. Sounds like artistic bliss to me!

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