Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tenam Puente

I recently came back from a memorable and eventful trip to Chiapas, Mexico. The main focus of the trip was a UBC Reading Week International Service Learning experience; I was the facilitator that travelled along with 5 very thoughtful and intelligent students. It was a thought-provoking trip, working with local organization Tsomanotik (in Tzimol) and learning about sustainability and solidarity.

The trip was a mix of really great enriching experiences with some challenges sprinkled in. Throughout the week we had several good conversations to tie together all that happened and all that we learned as a team. It was overall, very positive for us, but boy were we tired after!

One day we spent the majority of our time on a field trip. It began with a trip to a nearby Mayan ruin site called Tenam Puente. We spent time wandering around and enjoying the sites, the views, and learning about the history.

Then after we had a chunk of time reserved for reflection. Given the events of the week, I felt this time was best spent in individual reflection - a chance to really take it all in and decompress a bit.

The students spent their time atop one of the buildings journaling while I found a quiet spot down at ground level to spend some time with my sketchbook and pens. With the hot sun beating down on me, this is what I started working on. I finished the drawing a few days later. Enjoy!:

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