Monday, October 25, 2010

3 Years

3 years ago, we said goodbye
How can that moment seem so recent
So raw at times, as I recall with absolute clarity
How deeply it cut when I received the news
While comforted by your son’s presence
Two children together unable to believe the loss
A young leaf falling from its tree

Yet it also seems so very far away
Life has continued and I wish everyday you were here to see
Do you know you have now two beautiful grandchildren?
Do you know that your daughters found love?
Do you know that even now, my actions are to make you proud?
A father’s legacy for his children’s success

They say that we live on
For as long as we are remembered
Perhaps that’s why I can imagine you
Sitting on the couch beside me
A pot of tea to share
Talking about all kinds of things
Two best friends

Every year it’s a little easier
Every year the day seems further away
The regrets lessen
The lessons deepen
The memories widen
And as I learn more about me
I see more and more of you
As you once said:
A ‘carbon copy’ of her dad

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