Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tower Bridge

This is another recent drawing of mine, also with a perfect excuse to draw - for another wedding gift, this time for my dear friends, Jess and Nelson who got married just over a week ago. This couple lived together for about two years in London, UK. As London will always be my favourite big city to visit outside of Canada, regardless of how many amazing places I've traveled to, I made sure to visit them on two separate occasions. They opened their home there to me and together we explored parts of London I didn't previously know. One of these visits was prior to Jess and I visiting Greece together. Lots of great memories! Thank you.

This drawing of Tower Bridge is both because I adore London as a city, and also because one of my fondest memories of London was going for a long walk with Jess and Nelson which included crossing this beautiful bridge on foot - my first time doing that. The photo that was used to inspire this drawing was taken on this very walk with my friends. I have a print of this drawing hanging up by the front door of my home. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did drawing it:

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