Sunday, August 29, 2010

Park Guell

This is a little drawing I did while hanging out one afternoon at Park Guell in Barcelona during my recent vacation there this August. Although the park is normally very crowded with tourists, especially in the summer, I enjoyed this site thoroughly and decided to revisit on another day in order to just relax and draw pictures, rather than explore it as most tourists would (or as I had done so previously). This park was my first introduction to Antoni Gaudi's work, thanks to my good friend Teresa who insisted this be one of the first places in Barcelona I should visit. Like all his work that I saw, it was designed for Barcelona's aristocracy to enjoy back in the day. Now the park is free for anyone to enjoy and it's an example of artistic and architectural genius, inspired by nature.

On my second visit, I sat near the famous dragon, listened to live musicians and the din of many passing tourists. Because I was in a high-traffic area, I myself got a lot of attention from people passing through, flattering me with compliments as they walked by. One woman from the UK asked if she could take photos of me while I was drawing as she was documenting the many ways people choose to enjoy the park. I find it amusing to think about how both myself and my drawing have been part of the stories she's telling her friends and family in the UK about her own visit to Barcelona.

I drew one of the buildings at the park that reminds me of a gingerbread house, like something out of a fairy tale, that's now been converted to a souvenir shop. Because of the level of detail I wanted and the limited size of my sketchbook, I had to distort the size of the building, notably it's tower, to get it to fit the page as I wanted it to. Here it is:

Tower Bridge

This is another recent drawing of mine, also with a perfect excuse to draw - for another wedding gift, this time for my dear friends, Jess and Nelson who got married just over a week ago. This couple lived together for about two years in London, UK. As London will always be my favourite big city to visit outside of Canada, regardless of how many amazing places I've traveled to, I made sure to visit them on two separate occasions. They opened their home there to me and together we explored parts of London I didn't previously know. One of these visits was prior to Jess and I visiting Greece together. Lots of great memories! Thank you.

This drawing of Tower Bridge is both because I adore London as a city, and also because one of my fondest memories of London was going for a long walk with Jess and Nelson which included crossing this beautiful bridge on foot - my first time doing that. The photo that was used to inspire this drawing was taken on this very walk with my friends. I have a print of this drawing hanging up by the front door of my home. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did drawing it:


This drawing was inspired by many walks along the dykes in Brackendale, BC - near Squamish where I spend a lot of my time. I always admired the beauty and grace of these creatures, in awe of their physical size and ability to soar at amazing heights to watch for prey. I walked the dykes of Brackendale a bit more earlier this year when I wasn't feeling well and was living in Squamish. I got a chance to read up a bit more on eagles and the challenges they face as a species. Here's a great site with more info: Brackendale Eagles.

This is a drawing I'd wanted to do for some time, but had the perfect excuse with a very good friend of mine, Negin, getting married to the man of her dreams at the end of July. I finished it just on time in order to be able to give it to them as a gift. This image is now hanging on their walls in their home, and it will likely find a home as well someday up on my own, as its a piece I'm quite proud of how it turned out. I had fun getting creative with their feathers.