Thursday, July 22, 2010

Classic Car

I'm not really sure what inspired Classic Car's creation. Perhaps a case of various things coming together.

I first thought up the idea of an old car being a good image to suggest to participants in a past pen and ink art workshop I taught last year. I guess because an image in black and white has the potential to bring with it a feeling of nostalgia. The use of abstract "textures" offers a neat contrast of a modern touch to the black and white colour scheme and classic car subject area.

Or perhaps drawing a car was some sort of tribute to my late dear father, who loved driving, and with whom we'd go on various road trips growing up. The license plate is a mix of numbers and letters from old cars we rode in as a family from the "Apple Victor Bob" blue Tercel from the early 80s to the most recent "Dad's Cruise Mobile".

Or perhaps a tribute somewhat to my sweetheart, Cam, who owns and operates a successful business all about driving cars safely: Sea to Sky Driver Training, based in Squamish, BC.

Either way, or all ways combined, it's a piece I'm quite happy with and am pleased to have the opportunity to donate it to an exciting cause: Pandora's Collective.

This piece will be displayed and auctioned at an event on August 20, 2010 that is part of the Summer Dreams Literary Arts Festival, and event brought to you by Pandora's Collective. For more information, please visit this previous blog post or you can visit the news page on my web site. Perhaps you'd like to attend this great event and place a bid on this piece to have it for your own!

Classic Car
Pen and Ink Drawing
9x12 (11x14 with mat and frame).

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