Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Beatles

You know that feeling of digging out an item of clothing from your chest of drawers that you haven't worn in a while - say a pair of jeans you haven't fit into for years but you pull out, ready with courage to try them on again, and then voila, a $20 bill is in the pocket to your surprise and delight? I think that'd be a good metaphor to describe my recent discovery.

After my two most recent moves, I never bothered with doing a good, thorough, and detailed re-organization of my art supplies. I just kinda fumbled around in my drawers whenever I needed to track down a tube of paint, and was never really 100% sure what supplies I actually had. I decided I finally had the courage to tackle the task of organizing it all. It literally took hours, but I found all kinds of goodies, from charcoal, to extra erasers and sharpeners, and even some aqua sticks I forgot I had. The best goody however was finding an old drawing I did in 1999. Yes, that's right, from when I was 19 years old. A goody indeed - an oldie, but a goody as 'they' say.

Back in that time I was fascinated with portrait drawings. I was drawing portraits for everyone. Those who wanted them and those who didn't too.... I laboured quite a bit on this one here, trying my hardest to capture 4 distinct and familiar faces - each of the Beatles. What made it particularly difficult was that I chose to do it with mixed media rather than the familiar and easier media for portraits, in my opinion - pencil. These other media I used can't be sharpened or erased quite as easily: charcoal, pastel, and conte crayon. What I didn't have back then was a fixitive spray, so in fear of my picture smearing beyond recognition, I tucked it away safely into a book, which promptly got mixed into a pile of papers and forgotten in the abyss of an art supply cabinet drawer. When I found it, I was so excited. I found a piece from my own artistic history, and a piece I was and still am rather proud of. Hope you enjoy this too!
Stay tuned shortly as I've neared completion on a few more current pieces (created in 2010!)....

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