Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Chief

Again, a big thank you to the staff of Galileo Coffee for a great 7-week exhibition at Britannia Beach, BC. It was a nice sunny day to drive up the Sea to Sky Hwy to go and collect my work this afternoon. As always, the drive was inspiring to the senses, but today it encouraged me to funnel that inspiration into a new piece. When I got home, I hung up my art work back on my walls. It felt great to be surrounded by my creations again in my home. Again the result - inspiration or artistic energy. So, I dug through my photos and found a Sea to Sky inspired image which then became the subject of my latest creation - started and completed in one lazy afternoon while watching 3 movies on TV (the followed by a walk to stretch out!).

The Chief is probably the most well-known landmark for Squamish, BC - my second home. It's one that no matter how often I see it, I am still taken by its presence.

This piece has a destiny I've already mapped out. My plan is to find time to frame this image to donate to Squamish General Hospital, in hopes they'll have a wall to give it a home. It was at SGH that I spent a few days this year and received the best care imaginable, and am very thankful for how the staff went the extra mile to make my stay a surprisingly pleasant one despite it being a hospital stay. I hope to make sure it gets delivered very soon!


Taslim Jaffer said...

What an awesome idea to donate to SGH! Sounds like your drives to Squamish really help you tap into your creativity and I'm really proud of you for acknowledging your need to create art.


Thanks Tas! I am actually planning on dropping it off this weekend since it's a weekend of delivering art anyway. Thanks for your encouragement and support. Keep yourself posted as I'll be blogging more these days with new creations!