Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My 2010 So Far

My 2010 has been fairly dry in terms of my art production. I'm feeling like a piece of me has been missing as a result, and hope that this weekend offers me some time and the needed space to finally reach completion on a project. It's been a fairly trying year so far, having an unexpected streak of medical issues. Things have finally normalized for me, more or less, although there is another procedure looming ahead. It's been hard to feel inspired and excited about creating art in light of this, although inevitably, it would help me greatly to start creating again and have my mind focussed on something positive, productive, creative, and that I'm passionate about. I'm going to give 'er a go this weekend, and I'm excited. Now that I can sit and concentrate for long periods of time, I want to direct my energy to something important - finishing the canvas I started in December.

January's events were discouraging, in that the day I was to deliver art to one exhibition was the day after I had surgery at a hospital about 60km away from home, where the art was being stored. Needless to say, travelling to deliver wasn't possible, and I missed out on the exhibition all together. But I want to extend a warm Thank You to Jo at the North Vancouver Community Arts Council for being understanding of my circumstances and re-working the second exhibition, so that both of my pieces could be displayed in the second exhibition called Winter Sports at the CityScape Community Arts Space.

My plans to be away during the Olympics were cancelled due to the above-mentioned medical issues. Although I missed out on an excellent opportunity, it was a blessing in a way as I got to enjoy the Olympics here in my hometown, Vancouver, and see my art displayed at CityScape. I made a brief appearance at the opening reception, although it was hard to stand, and paid another visit later on a day the gallery was a little quieter. It was an excellent exhibition displaying works from several local artists passionate about winter sports: from skiing, snowboarding, curling, hockey, figure skating, speed skating, skeleton, biathlon - you name it, it was represented. Some of the artists were local high school students. Local students also made about 400 paper snowflakes to decorate the entrance of the gallery. It was quite a sight:

Of course, I was particularly excited that my art, depictions of Canadian victories in men's and women's ice hockey, was particularly relevant this year, with Canada owning the gold podium at the Games in 2010. Go Canada Go!

My goal this month is to complete the canvas I started in December, and get my creative life back on schedule. In April, I have an exhibition coming up at Galileo Coffee at Britannia Beach, BC, which I'm very much looking forward to. This Fall, I'll be participating in the Drift again on Main Street, in Vancouver, for my third straight year. In between, I'm sure I'll find plenty more to get involved with. Stay tuned!

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