Sunday, March 14, 2010

Autumn at Porteau Cove

After a brief yet too long absence from art creation, I'm finally finished my most recent painting. At the very end of winter, I capture my autumn scene. As I begin to experience the feelings of amazement as tree blossoms come into bloom and we see signs of an early spring, I have a chance to capture another beautiful season of colour, a British Columbia autumn. Two autumns ago, on one of my many drives along the Sea to Sky Highway, I took many a photo along the way - hundreds in fact - all with the intention to do some autumn paintings to follow. Other projects got in the way along the way, and it wasn't until a year later, last autumn, 2009, when I finally sunk my teeth into this piece. This is a 3'x3' painting, my largest scale canvas since Vancouver By Night created with the intention of hanging it in my bedroom: the large room in my home that happens to also house my easel and all my art supplies, and where I harness my creative energy through my art. It's also meant to complement the large tree that stands outside my bedroom window that I'm eagerly awaiting to come into bloom for the spring.

This painting is one I feel captures the essence of some of the beauty I see every time I drive the Sea to Sky on my way to Squamish. It's abstract realism and use of complementary colour pairings is pretty typical of my style. I'm happy with how this turned out, and plan to exhibit it in April during my exhibition at Galileo Coffee at Britannia Beach (~April 3rd-May 14th), just a few minutes up the road from where the photo was taken that inspired the painting. I look forward to your comments (please, don't be shy).


crystalmegan said...

wow this is absolutely beautiful, Zahida.

I especially love the colors in the water that make it so calm and serene, as well as the color, detail and texture in both the leaves and the bark.

Spectacular piece of artwork! :D


Thank you so much! I am very pleased with how it turned out - can't stop looking at it. :-) The colours are brighter in person. I appreciate your comments, as I was working toward good texture - lots of paint layered on there. Thanks for checking out my blog. Come visit again soon!

Unknown said...

Great painting Zahida! I know right where this was! Love the colours!


Of course you do, as you know the Sea to Sky corridor even better than I do! Thanks for the compliments, and I hope you get a chance to see my art exhibited at Britannia Beach this Spring, at Galileo Coffee (right on the Sea to Sky Highway).