Sunday, March 21, 2010

An Artistic Take on Passion

Thank you so much to Tarini, for featuring me in an interview for The Passion Project. It was a great pleasure speaking with you, talking about myself (how vain!), and through that, I was able to remind myself of how important my art is to me. Since the interview, I've been quite inspired and thus productive in the art realm of my world. I have recently completed a lot of work in preparation for my April / May exhibition at Galileo Coffee, and finished two pieces including the very recent Autumn at Porteau Cove. Anyway, thank you for reminding me of what's important to me, and what helps me be ME. It's been a difficult year in the "feeling good" department, and re-fuelling my creative self has helped tremendously - I hope you know, T.

For everyone else out there, please take a read through my Passion Project interview, as I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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