Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vancouver By Night

After about a week of having this canvas almost complete, hanging on my wall, I determined what I needed to "fix" to finish the piece. And now here it is, a finished painting! I darkened up the sky and the mountains and brightened up the sea-wall to make it look later in the evening, and more lights being necessary. More outlines were created as well to give the buildings a "clean" yet abstract look. I'm very pleased with it - it's bold, it makes a statement, and it looks stunning on my dining room wall. I believe I was successful in making the city lights come to life. Please see my previous post for more information on my artist process:

Now onto some new projects.... stay tuned!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Vancouver By Night - a work in progress...

This is still a work in progress, but I'm happy with it so far. This is the largest canvas I've worked on in a while - so large that I can't work on it off my easel. The trouble is that I can't then leave it out when I'm not working on it, and have the ability to analyze it informally (i.e., whilst having a meal or watching TV). So since I reached this point of completion, I hung it up on the wall, even though it's not *done* (but will be soon enough, I'm sure). Since then I've painted more on it whilst it's hanging up on the wall (those additions are not shown here) and intend of doing more of the same this week.

When I first envisioned this piece, I thought, ok, neutral colours, but yet an outstanding large piece for my dining room.... I've been quite successful with other cityscapes such as Vancouver and Canada Place so thought I'd try it again but larger scale. I aimed for abstraction as doing fine detail on such a large piece would take a lot longer than my motivation and interest would allow. As always, my thoughts on the piece evolved as I worked on it - deviating further and further away from the thoughts of neutral colours. I've decided to go bold, as per my usual style, and it's looking great on the wall!

I've decided to do some work on the mountains and the sky to darken them up a bit to further the illusion of it being a night scene. Will post the final image when it's complete, but I'd love to get feedback of the progress up until now.