Monday, April 27, 2009

Current Projects

Well, I'm in a bit of a hiatus with painting, I must admit. I think a lot has to do with a lack of space in my current dwelling, which means that once I complete a painting, I have to find a place to squeeze it into my closet, as I have no leftover wall-space (all taken up with paintings already), and no storage at all. I think much of this challenge will disappear once I've moved into my new home (which I just bought!!!!), have walls that are asking for paintings, plus storage space for ones not currently displayed. I'll actually have the ability to rotate what I exhibit privately in my home. The sunny weather and the covered patio will allow for airy and inspiring work space. And I'm also starting to think about creative venues for exhibiting my work publically.

So yes, I've just bought a home, and will be moving in there in about 3 weeks time, meaning energy is going to be consumed by the packing, moving, and unpacking stage. However mixed into this will be some creative outlets, with two upcoming projects:

First is my art workshops at Riley Park Community Centre that I'll be teaching May 4 & 11 as well as two sessions in June. April's didn't go ahead because of registration numbers, but May's (on charcoal drawing techniques) is scheduled to do so. I've enjoyed curriculum planning, and now working on some samples to show (as finished works based on each demo). I'm excited about the outcomes, and anticipate reporting here on it.

Second is my new home! The previous owners did an interesting job of painting it (certainly far from my tastes), so it's presented me with needing to paint before I move in. Of course many would think this as a chore and an added expense. While that may be true, I consider it to be an opportunity to make this place my own and a statement of sorts. I'm visiting tomorrow with a contractor for an estimate. Although he'll be doing the painting, I'll be selecting the colours. And after moving in, I'll have the project of setting up and decorating. I may not be an interior designer, but considering what I've done with my current tiny home to make it a home (under the limits that renting allow), I think I can make this place pretty fabulous. I'll be sure to post pictures of the progress, starting from the before images of the current paint colours, and the re-colouring and decorating process that May will bring.