Monday, September 1, 2008

West Arm, Kootenay Lake

After a two week hiatus, I'm back home in Vancouver. The past two weeks took me to many places, from Vancouver to Toronto, and all stops in between via the USA, then I flew back and went to Vancouver Island. I had originally hoped to do some artistic journaling but found that time was often a limiting factor. I took close to 700 photographs however, and fully intend on converting some of those into pieces of artwork - especially those of the beautiful Yellowstone Park in Wyoming and the Badlands of South Dakota. Stay tuned for this.

I did complete one drawing on this trip, while relaxing on the dock on the West Arm of Kootenay Lake where Jennifer's family have a place there where I was invited to stay a few nights before we headed south of the border. I decided to use the texture factory method, as I didn't want to travel with too many supplies, and with the various tonal qualities presented in the mountains, this seems an appropriate choice.

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