Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Girl Carrying Water

On a day where I had a few hours of spare time, I decided to doodle. I was thinking about strong women - strong women I've met, both in body and in character. Strong women who've endured all kinds of hardships, but still take on the role of caretaker. Somehow the image of a young woman carrying a large vessel of water on her head depicts strength. Physically, I couldn't carry water like that. But it's more than that here. How many of us here in Vancouver would whine and complain if we didn't have water coming out of our taps and we had to travel for miles to get it. What a terrible inconvenience that would be, to our busy lives. We'd likely whine more too if we were needing to fetch it for someone other than ourselves, like for children or sick parents.

To me the image is strength, and so I used the bold statement of "texture factory" technique, but kept facial features undistorted by it. I'm very pleased with the result of this picture, and will be featuring this piece at the Drift.

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