Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Break for Peace (part 2)

You know, it's normally instinct to take down something you don't like... but instead I'm going to post the before and the after on this, even though the after is so much better....

After two days of having this painting sitting on my easel as it was before, I decided some work needed doing on it to make the dancer stand out more. I believe this method of self-criticism is constructive. I've set up my apartment like an art studio so that paintings aren't put "away" when they're not being worked on. This way I can continually contemplate my work, and decide on what can be improved and what the strong parts are. The same thing happened when I first started working on this painting about two months ago. The background behind the graffiti was once green, but I decided to cover it almost entirely with yellow, just from spending days seeing it every time I pass my living room. Now I'm even more pleased with the result of this painting. Here it is, for a second time: Break for Peace.

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