Sunday, August 10, 2008

Texture Factory - Young at Heart and Sunflower

In my pen and ink class, we learned a technique called texture factory. Essentially, the goal is the shade in the object according to their tonal values, rather than their shapes, assigning each tonal value with a unique texture. I had a lot of fun with this, and in class created this picture of the old man. It was a big hit in class, and I must say I truly love what I've achieved here. I call this one, "Young at Heart" as it's based on a photo of an old man with a beard, but since it's been distorted through the texture factory, he looks quite a bit younger, although his face still tells many detailed stories.

I've decided I'd like to take this concept further and explore it with other natural items like flowers and landscapes, as well as cityscapes and buildings. I think this approach would work quite well, and I hope to be able to create some unique drawings of this sort while on my upcoming trip across the continent.

Here is one sample of me trying this again on my own time - a sunflower. I think it works yet again, although here I focussed on shapes (stamen and petals) rather than tonal value patches like I did on the man's portrait, and used textures where I thought fit. I'd like to do this with more flower designs.

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