Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This piece is based on a photo I took in Bogota, Colombia, atop Monserrate. From up top this mountain is the most amazing view of the city, but if you walk around, the top of the mountain itself is quite beautiful and outlines the path of a holy pilgrimage. I don't know the whole history behind it (or rather, it's been a few years and I don't quite remember). What I do recall is it was really beautiful here. The picture shows the view toward another famous hill, Guadalupe.

Technique here was mixing my magic brown ink with a little bit of blue and green watercolour paint. The image itself presented itself a challenge as it combines the buildings, as well as natural elements such as plants and mountains. Also there are various textures, and a need to build depth and perspective. I think I was successful here and am quite pleased with the results.

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KvdBosch said...

I just stumbled upon your art website and I am loving reading about your work. This piece is beautiful and I especially love your Into the Air piece too. You are so talented my friend!