Thursday, August 14, 2008

Childhood Textures and possible 2-week hiatus

The following picture I did two nights ago, wanting to explore further the idea of texture factory drawings, and where I can go with that. I picked an image of mine that's simple, from Childhood Reflections, and drew it again. Of course this is a 9x12 and the original full-colour painting is much larger. Again, pleased with this, and I'm going to explore further. I also experimented a little with different sized micron pens so I could get in finer detail. Be sure to enlarge this one to see the little detail. It was ever so time-consuming, so it would be nice if it were to be noticed!

The 2-week hiatus I refer to is because on Saturday I am going on vacation and won't return until late on September 1st. I don't foresee any time during that vacation to be blogging, but I guarantee that pictures will be drawn and watercolours will be painted in that time. I'm going first on a road trip across the continent to Toronto with Jennifer, then flying home alone. Along the way, we'll be stopping and taking in the sights at various places, including Yellowstone Park. When I return, I'm immediately heading to Parksville on the Island with Cam, and we'll be relaxing and enjoying the beach there. I anticipate creating pretty pictures along the way.

So if I don't blog before, we'll see you in September, with lots of drawings to show off! Then I'll have another month of preparation time leading up to the Drift. Wow, time flies!

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