Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sunset Beach

Yesterday afternoon, my good friend Jennifer and I grabbed our sketchbooks and took a seat on the rocks by the water at Sunset Beach. Here is a scan of what I sketched, using a combination of conte crayon and pastel. It's a view of False Creek and the Burrard Street Bridge. I can't quite get my entire sketchbook to fit on (and not sit slightly crooked) my scanner, but this gives a good idea anyway. It is so much fun to create art outside - I really ought to do it more. When paired with good company, it's even better!

And here is my co-artist, Jennifer. I know, it doesn't really look like her. It was hard to achieve realism because she was also drawing, hence not there just to model for me. And the rocks we were sitting on were kind of uncomfortable, so she kept wiggling! It was a fun afternoon.

1 comment:

Jennifer Puddicombe said...

oooh! very nice! These look very familiar for some reason...
Sorry about the "wiggling"