Monday, July 7, 2008


This is a painting I completed 2 years ago. It was inspired by a painting I did in high school whilst I was preparing my art portfolio for art school applications (before I decided to go to university instead). I should find the old painting and post a pic of it here too. The theme of the portfolio was reflections - how we see ourselves is often different than how we are seen by others.

Both paintings use only the primary colours. This one here adds some white outline. My reasoning in the past for using only the primary colours was because the painting depicted a young girl. I always associated the primary colours in their true form with childhood, and learning. This more adult version here adopts the same colour scheme for those reasons, plus the fact that they are the colours of the Colombian flag. In 2006, when this painting was designed and completed, I traveled twice to Colombia. I learned much from these experiences, and developed a fascination for the culture, history, and current political situation in Colombia. I also made some lifelong friends, and began to identify myself with the people. I believe that my experiences of the country and its people gave me a new perspective from which to view the world, and things haven't been the same since. This painting shows how I see these experiences in my reflection. The figure in the painting is my own profile, making this a more abstract self-portrait.

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