Thursday, July 24, 2008

Childhood Reflections

WhenI posted a photo of my painting called Reflections, I mentioned a painting that I did when I was in grade 12 as part of my portfolio assignment. Well, today I was digging in my closet for old travel photos (from back before I went digital), and remembered that I had a pile of old artwork stashed in there. So I dug out the old canvas, unfolded it, and decided to apply a little extra paint to define the lines a bit more. Now she's finished, and I'm pleased. Not bad for something I did in my teens (honestly, the edits done today were minimal).

Anyway, to recap, this was part of a series of paintings and drawings that incorporated mirrors. This is to show a child reflecting on her young life so far, or an adult looking at back at her childhood years. The girl is wearing a dress and blue shoes, as when I was a young girl, I loved wearing dresses (especially if it had ribbons) and my favourite shoes were blue. So maybe another self portrait, in a way, similar to the adult version in Reflections. The colours here though symb0lize childhood learning. I think of the primary colours when I recall my first ever art classes and learning about colour and the colour wheel.

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